Can Fracking Be Regulated in NY to Ensure Safety?

Why ‘Safe’ Regulation of Fracking in New York Is a Fiction

Governor Andrew Cuomo has promised that he will only allow fracking if regulations can be developed to assure “it be done safely,” which is often asserted, recently, for example, by outgoing Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu.  Other government officials, including President Obama, have made similar statements, along with journalists such as Tom Friedman.

But the perennial promises of safer regulations fail to account for fracking as the next in an ever-growing and ever more toxic series of health-damaging industrial outputs that people inhale, eat, or absorb into their skin, guts, and brains.

When industry has blocked the EPA from studying or regulating 70,000 chemicals, (from BPA and flame retardants to potent neurotoxins), since 1975, why would regulating fracking be possible?

In Pennsylvania , where all of the impacts of unregulated fracking are on full display, suburban Philadelphia Republican State Senator Stewart Greenleaf has recently called for a $2 million health impacts study of fracking-related health symptoms, now that these have become more prevalent. Just when Pennsylvanians most need health care for these and other ills, Governor Tom Corbett has decided to economize by refusing to participate in the Affordable Care Act, despite the supposed fracking sparked economic boom with its promised yields of untold wealth for the state and its citizens.

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