CUOMO Administration Bans Fracking In New York! 12/17/14

Governor Cuomo’s decision to ban fracking in New York State is a victory of science over ignorance and community over selfishness. It is especially gratifying to those of us throughout the state who have devoted endless hours, days and months to educating our neighbors about fracking’s danger to our health and environment.


It brings special pride to the residents of the Village of Oxford, whose councilmen and planning board members were willing to do their homework and vote for the first and only municipal ban on gas drilling in Chenango County. Special thanks are due David and Helen Slottje for their pro bono legal advice in the revision of our zoning laws.


You can read about the Oxford story on this Oxford Visionaries website, one of the most comprehensive collections of articles pro- and con- fracking on the Internet.

Wise and visionary as the Cuomo Administration decision to heed the science and ban fracking surely stands as a model for other states and even other countries, nevertheless much work remains to be done.

New York State, Chenango County, indeed the entire Southern Tier of New York,  and local governments must be willing to allocate the resources necessary to fund a crash program to tap renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

That is our vision:  That collective initiative will help to phase out all fossil fuel extraction, arrest global warming and provide healthy local jobs that the gas drillers promised but never could have provided.

 The first step is to capture the energy of our young people to help us create the future they deserve.

Irving Wesley Hall, Ellen Anderson and Richard Lacey

 or the Oxford Visionaries

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